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Go Time

Gianna and I went down to the hotel lounge around 1:00pm to gather wits and alleviate the nerves that have been building since she won the trip in December. It was a crazy scene… imagine… Around us a few dozen european players. Another couple dozen Americans all sporting Pokerstars t-shirts and walking around with a…

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Checking Out the Casino

I’m going downstairs after my Paradise final table and am going to check out the casino. It’s not open until 2:00pm, but I figure I’ll poke around and see what I need to do to get a media pass. Brought the Intervault biz cards. If all goes well I might be able to take some…

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True Grinder

Getting ready to watch Gianna in the Copenhagen tournament. We woke up pretty early. Everything in Europe seems to open up pretty late in the morning. Went down to the lobby around 7:30am and it was completely dead. The casino doesn’t even open until 2pm. So I went back up to the room and played…

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Chinese Poker vs. Copenhagen

Instead of getting ready for the Copenhagen/Amsterdam trip that I’m leaving for on Wednesday, I’ve been spending a lot of time these past two days playing Chinese Poker. Gianna got me turned on to it. I can’t help myself, now… it’s my new obsession. I’ve been playing it for play money on The game…

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So far I’ve sold 6% of myself in the San Diego $10k circuit event. Thanks to everybody who’s bid on a stake. Check out these auctions if you want in on the deal (including the 25% auction that includes logo wear): ebay Auctions

Vintage Post #2

Another old post from rgp… =================== Newsgroup: Rec.Gambling.Poker Date: 23 June 2002 Subject: My Battle of the Bay Championship Event Story So I’m sitting in front of my computer with a bit of a bittersweet feeling about today’s tourney. First off, let me give everyone who was involved in the tournament a thumbs up. It…

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Auctions Close – New Nightly Auction

The first five 1% auctions just sold for an average price of $151.42. Thank you so much to everybody who bid and spread the word. Now I’m going to try to list one three-day auction a night for awhile in a few different categories and see how it goes. I’d like to raise at least…

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Ebay Auctions

The five 1% stake auctions for the WSOP Circuit event in San Diego have about 18 more hours to go. All five of them have bids (thank you to all those that have bid so far), with the highest bid being $112.50. Figuring it out, if I were to raise the entire buy-in for the…

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Vintage Post No. 1

Found a few old posts from RGP that I wrote back in the day before I was known. Pretty interesting stuff to me, because the same issues I had back then are still the ones I wrestle with now. I’ll post a few of them over the next few weeks… but here’s the first one.…

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Interesting Old Post

Saw this and thought it was pretty interesting… especially with some of the negative things I’ve heard about the eBay auction. Newsgroups: From: “Gregory Raymer” Date: Wed, 01 Nov 2000 02:12:34 GMT Local: Tues, Oct 31 2000 6:12 pm Subject: Now accepting backers If anyone wants to back me again (or for the…

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