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ESPN, baby!

Pretty sure that Bobby is going to be on ESPN again tonight for the ro-sham-bo tourney during the Nuts section of the WSOP broadcast. Last week he was great on camera… I absolutely loved watching it. Check it out tonight if you get the chance. Been playing a little more on the Fishtank. This weekend…

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Femme Fatality

One of my old friends from STL named Lee and I got back in touch recently on MySpace. If you’ve never checked that site out, it’s cool as hell. Great way to meet cool new people and reconnect with old friends. I used to have a little crowd in St. Louis that I used to…

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“It’s two parts mental… one part… throw.” I got back to Vegas tonight after staying in Columbia, MO for the last week. When I got back home my TiVo was saving last night’s ESPN broadcasts. The first was Scotty’s episode, which I thought was great. There were three hands where he just shined. Once when…

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The Show Me State

I’m back in Columbia MO for a week for my mom’s birthday. Probably going to try to hit the Blue Note on Friday to see a buddy of mine named Chris Hatfield do a show. He’s a pretty cool cat, and might be pretty famous here in a few months… he won mid-american idol, which…

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So yeah, I know I’ve been slacking off. Some guy emailed me the other day telling me that he was a little disappointed in me. It was kind of a funny email so I’m going to post it. The Email SUBJECT : Blog content & updates I read a handful of blogs each day, and…

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You know what’s kind of cute?

A bunny that can balance things on its head.

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