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The Teflon Don

I’m looking for an old buddy and roomate of mine from last year named Justin Meyers. He’s from the east coast and carried a nickname “The Teflon Don”. I’ve lost all his contact info. I’m going through my old files to see if I have any pictures of Tef. Until then, here is what I…

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Crazy Sometimes, Never Boring

So after a brief retreat back home in Columbia, a little Chucky-E-Cheese with Austin and some bar poker at Thirsty Turtle, it’s back on the road. First I’m going down to Miami this weekend to chill with That’s a cool domain name with a lot of history. Back when I was working on the…

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Trojan Horses

According to a news article, there was a trojan horse found in a downloadable poker calculator from They issued a statement here. And in other news, offered to buy Paris her Bentley back if she played Mike Sexton headsup and won. That’s a pretty good freeroll. I think if she takes the challenge,…

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You are what you love. Not what loves you back.

Get FlashI’m hosting Event # 5 of the Blogger Poker Tour over at this Saturday from 15:30 GMT-5. (EST without daylight saving) We’ve named it ‘Blogging into Spring’. To play you have to have a blog registered with the BPT & a account. Click here to download the software if you don’t…

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Become a Better Poker Player

Don’t be a one trick pony. Learning how to play more than just No Limit Texas Hold’em will actually make you a better overall poker player and make you a better No Limit Hold’em player as well. Limit and No Limit Hold’em are games that are played very differently, but that doesn’t mean you can’t…

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Vegas, baby… vegas.

This is where I am right now. It’s a weird time because when Joey and I are chilling out, I’m still the one that gets the occasional look. He’s going to be the biggest poker player since Doyle. The only two people who have won more money then Joey in a tournament were Hachem and…

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