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So I got into Foxwoods last yesterday afternoon to play the 10k. I drove up to KC at about 4am to catch my 8:15 flight… it was delayed until noon. So about 12 hours after I leave Columbia, I land in Hartford. According to Foxwoods, the casino is close to the airport, but it turned…

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The Game

I recently read a book called “The Game”, which is a really interesting book by this guy named Neil Strauss, aka Style, who is an ex-Rolling Stone author (How to Make Love Like a Porn Star among others) and average frustrated chump (AFC) who infiltrated the secret society of pickup artists (PUA), learned their secret…

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I know I’ve posted about WSEX before… but I’m posting about it again. Since the ban, I’ve been playing online like it’s going out of style. I figure the online action is drying up and we’ve got about nine months before the easy money turns into hard money. Anytime someone asks where I play online,…

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The 3 Things That Change a Person

My buddy Darin is always telling me that there are three things that change a person: success, failure, and time. And he goes on to say that you don’t really know someone until you’ve seen them through all three of those things. I think it’s a good theory. I was checking out the Poker News…

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