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That was a crazy game of poker

Brought to you by Carl’s Jr.

Ok all… I’ll level with you. You might have noticed I haven’t posted much in the last couple months. Truth is I’ve kinda lost my taste for blogging. It’s thankless and it doesn’t pay anything. But then I heard about Adsense and I’m trying it out. How cool would it be if I can give…

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La Vie en Rose

I went to Club Vogue lastnight to chill with my friend Jay. I was only planning on stopping by for a few minutes. The place was hopping like I’d never seen it. There were so many fur coats and guys all around that looked like stone-cold killers. And a lot of them were from “The…

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Sgt. Poff’s Hometown Heroes

I’ve been reading up on my Kurt Vonnegut lately… he wrote his last book a few years ago called “A Man Without a Country”. It’s very good, but not like his usual novels. He quoted a guy named Eugene Debs in the book. I’d heard the quote before, but it rang true again. Yup… Indy…

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Love is not a sunday drive… it’s a motorcycle ride.

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