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Poker – WSOP 2008 – 啤牌

I’m gearing up for the WSOP… super stoked. Starts this upcoming week. I’m planning on playing everyday and I’ll try to update the blog as best as I can. For those of you who want more up-to-the-minute updates, I have a Twitter account. If you haven’t checked it out, basically it lets you write mini-blogs…

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Welcome Home Dutch

My trip back home to Columbia has been a real pain in the ass. Me and my buddy Tepen got into a fight on my first night back… well, it wasn’t so much a fight as a beatdown. Some dude at this bar called Sky High decided it’d be a good idea to snag my…

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As some of you might know, I’ve been doing a little domain speculating since college back in the 90s. Somewhere I saw a quote from Bill Gates saying something about how domain names were the fastest growing commodity in the history of the human race. That got my attention. So I registered,, and…

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Random Ramblings

So for those who haven’t been keeping up with the news in poker, latest thing you might be interested in is that Harrahs and ESPN are changing the format of the $10k main event. This year they’ll be trying something completely untested… they’ll be playing down to the final table and then delaying the final…

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Been awhile… good to see you.

I know I haven’t blogged in a long time. Almost a year. I’m going to give it another shot when the series comes around, which is happening pretty quick. The first event is May 30th. Between now and then I’m going to try and revamp my site and write a lot of interesting posts that…

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