Month: December 2008

Blagojevich should go home. Seriously.

I can’t believe Gov. Blagojevich hasn’t stepped down. The chances of this whole pay to play episode turning out to be a huge frame job is worse than…

Watch Necklaces

I’ve been on a bit of a website development spree this last week. I’m trying to turn all of thousands of domains I own into actual content sites…

Bellagio and PokerHost

The Bellagio Five Diamond tournament series is wrapping up this week. I got pretty lucky in one of the prelims and was able to snap off a win….

If you play your cards right in life, then you can stay alive.

My girlfriend has been showing me a lot of anti-drug PSAs recently on YouTube. Here’s one that I thought stood out. I thought it was kind of funny,…

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