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Reflections from a Bracelet Winner

In a continuing effort to better optimize my blog for search engines, I decided to take a stab at writing up an article and submitting it some article directories to try and boost traffic. I’m posting the article here first. Feel free to reproduce the article in it’s entirety on any website or offline publication…

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Poker Review Contest : NBC Headsup Poker Championship 2005 DVD Set

I really am cut off from the newest poker news, because I just recently found out that NBC released their 2005 Heads Up Poker Championship on a DVD set. I also just recently found out about the importance of calls to action on websites. Writing a blog these past few years has been cathartic at…

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An open letter to the poker community

Dear Poker, I’ve been thinking about an issue that effects all online poker players. The issue is the increasing availability of data-mining software. I am told now that there is a program out there that has data-mined every single hand in the last few years on the major online cardrooms. Users can see your complete…

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