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WSOP 2009 is underway!

Here is what a landmine looks like after cracking your aces and stacking your chips. Played my third tournament today… the $1k donkament. There are bound to be a lot of bad beats this year, so it’s only fitting that I run into a random landmine. This time, the landmine took the form of Peter…

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WSOP 2009 Schedule

So I’ve worked out my schedule for the 2009 Series. A few people have asked me what I was playing for fantasy leagues and what not… so here it is. I’m very excited about the Ante up for Africa tournament. I couldn’t sell the backers on the $40k, but I’m scheduled to play in a…

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Celebrity Apprentice

I’ve been following the Celebrity Apprentice shows this season and last night’s episode was pretty classic. Most of you reading this probably realize that Annie Duke was on the show and made it as deep as you can. On her website,, she calls herself “The best female poker player in the world.” I wouldn’t…

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Call your mother!

My mother really deserves a medal or some sort of trophy. At 20, she seemed to have settled into the life she had always wanted… her marriage was still fresh and she had just given birth to her second baby boy. But life is a waterfall, and change came quick. She became an all-too-common American…

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Win $500 and make the Internet a nicer place

As a domainer, I see the parked pages on a large number of domains as a necessary evil. If you go to many of my domains, you’ll come across a very generic looking page with nothing but links to sites (hopefully) related to the domain name. It is a huge chore developing a domain name…

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