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What happens in Bangkok….

I was just cruising around on some poker sites and came across what I thought was a huge level on Apparently, somewhat well-known pro poker player Ron Fanelli, nicknamed “MadYank” in the poker world, is sitting in a Thai prison for brutally murdering a Bangkok hooker. The way the article was written really made…

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Magic Online – My New Leak

Michele has been getting back into stamp collecting and so this last weekend I decided I needed a new hobby too… so I signed up for a Magic the Gathering Online account. It’s kind of cool, except it looks like it could be a really big money hole. Hell, it wouldn’t surprise if people go…

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Poker Domains for Sale

Hey all… selling some poker domains that have either just expired or will expire this month. Twenty bucks gets you any of the poker domains on this list and will include one year of renewal. If you want to pick any of these up, act fast though because I’ve posted them for sale on a…

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