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Here’s a good movie I just got finished with about the state of intellectual property in America. It’s pretty upsetting how far intellectual property rights have been extended. Watching Lars Ulrich from Metallica talking about his lawsuit against Napster kind of turns my stomach… “Nothing Else Matters” was the first song I learned all the…

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Here’s a song that caught me enough when I saw it on an XBOX Kinetic commercial that I tracked it down and have been kind of vibing it since.

Bobby and Me

Easily one of my favorite pictures… this is a photo of my little brother and I on a fishing trip… guessing we’re about 3 and 4 here. Always cheers me up when I see it, so I figured I’d put it in the cloud.

Human Nature vs. Poker Strategy

There was something I was reading about the other day that made me think a little bit about how human nature sometimes goes contrary to correct tournament strategy. It had to do with something in economics called “the reflection effect”. Basically, it’s spelled out like this… The Reflection Effect Suppose you have a grand… one…

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