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Poker Clinic

Spent a few all-nighters this week taking my new poker clinic website live. I’m offering $20 poker lessons which are a half-hour and done 1-on-1 via skype video chat. Check out the site at!

Epic Poker

Reflecting on my Epic Poker final table this weekend.

I Don’t Know…

Just got finished watching probably my favorite TED talk of all time by some PhD in Texas named David Eagleman. It’s really an awesome 20 minutes and he delivers it more like a stand-up comedian than a guy with a doctorates degree. It has to do with belief and knowing and being able to keep…

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Hacking WordPress Themes

If you’re not technically inclined, go ahead and skip this one… because it gets a little heavy.  I don’t pretend to be a computer guru.  But I know enough about php, html, and wordpress to be just competent enough to know when something is a little off.  So when I noticed that the new theme…

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Tuxedo Alley : Another Minisite

I’ve been working pretty hard the last few weeks converting my domain portfolio into minisites.  I already mentioned a few of them.  Setup another one yesterday,, which is a very basic one with a few facts about dogs where I basically try to sell visitors a long dog leash.  Now I’m working on one…

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Interview with

So speaking of Black Friday hitting everyone hard, I think it must have hit webmasters the hardest. That’s pretty much the only way I can explain this facebook message exchange I found myself in with Mike Owens from Anyway, thought it was kind of entertaining… definitely the weirdest interview I’ve ever done. I wonder…

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Birds on the Wires

I can’t believe the WSOP is finally done… well, until November anyway. I was really disappointed to see a few of the players go towards the end. Such a brutal and frustrating game. I’m seriously thinking about giving it up for awhile and doing something else. Here’s a cool video I found while looking on…

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Underwear Goes Inside the Pants

Had Pandora on while I was working some more on Local Vegas stuff. This song stuck out and when I found it on YouTube, it was even better with the video. Check it out. Did you know that there was a system of tunnels underneath Las Vegas where there are hundreds of homeless people living…

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Back to the Local Vegas Grind

The World Series of Poker didn’t end up going so well for me, bud. I cashed in two events out of the more than twenty that I played. Both of them were min-cashes. So I was buried for the series. It’s really frustrating when summer at the Rio doesn’t go well. As a poker player,…

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