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The World Series of Poker didn’t end up going so well for me, bud. I cashed in two events out of the more than twenty that I played. Both of them were min-cashes. So I was buried for the series. It’s really frustrating when summer at the Rio doesn’t go well. As a poker player, you count on the WSOP every year to add some money to the bankroll. I’ve been playing it since 2003 and besides this summer have only finished one other series in the red. So it’s pretty frustrating and it’s meant some real financial pain… I could have really used a good series after Black Friday. But there’s no point in looking behind us. It’s back to the local vegas grind…

So what am I up to after the series? Well, not back to playing yet. I decided to take a week or two break away from the tables and focus on setting up some more websites and working on existing ones. I’m going to try to give this blog a nice redesign soon. But today I’ve been working on a new site… I started working on the local vegas site at around 4am. Got it somewhat presentable around 8am. You can take a look at what it looks like :

The Local Vegas Website Screenshot - Get local Vegas discounts and reviews by Las Vegas locals.

I won’t lie to you… the content so far is pretty light. One welcome article, a post about the top 10 hotels in vegas, another post about the top poker rooms in vegas, and a last one about the current weather in vegas. None of them have a lot of meat to them, yet. But I think the website has some potential. Enough that I’ll probably put in a few more days trying to make it stronger… building up the content, establishing some backlinks, etc. I already setup a twitter and facebook account for the website. In a few days, I’ll probably make this one into a case study and show step-by-step what was done.

Anyway, check out and let me know what you think of it.

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