The Jungle Rule

Here’s a little thought that I picked up from Amir Vahedi a few months ago over some BBQ ribs. Amir, by the way, is ultra-cool and one fierce competitor at the tables. In tournaments, you’ve got to observe the jungle rule. On nature shows, you don’t see a tiger attacking a gorilla do you? You…

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The Perfect Path

Flew back from Missouri to Fresno today. Came up with a few thoughts on the way back. First one was when I was thinking about the perfect path. Wrote this down in the spirit of the narraration of Pi. 9:35 am. Restate my assumptions. One. That there exists in every poker tournament perfect opportunities where…

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Word of the Day

Rakehell : \Rake”hell’\, n. A lewd dissolute fellow; a debauchee; a rake. “It seldom doth happen in any way of life, that a sluggard and a rakehell do not go together.” — Barrow.

Getting Better at Poker

I’m guessing that most people who are going to be reading this blog are probably more interested in what I think about poker then what I think about the latest CNN story or last week’s big blockbuster. So I’m going to try to start posting some more of my poker ideas. A lot of people…

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It’s coming right for us!

Looks like deer hunting has gone virtual. Check out this article from CNN. I told Bobby about it and he said it reminded him of an idea he had a few years ago for a website called He’d set up an aquarium with a big boa constrictor and some sort of mechanical feeding device…

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WANTED : Poker Stuff

One of the next sites that we’re working on at Intervault is called Poker Marketplace. It’s up to me to find the perfect poker-related stuff to sell. Besides your standard fare (books, videos, chips, tables) I’m also trying to sell gift items… you know, the stuff you get for the girl or guy who has…

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Cold Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving So I’m on Day 8 of no smoking. I’m going cold turkey sans nicotine… no patches, no gum, no nothing. Instead I developed my own “proven” way to stop smoking. I bummed a cig from my step-brother George and wrote in really small print all the reasons I wanted to stop smoking right…

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Every Bill a Lottery Ticket

I’m in Columbia Missouri for the Thanksgiving holiday. My family is out here. I’ve got a little brother named Austin who’s 4. I took him to gymnastics today. Nothing funnier than watching a bunch of four year old kids trying to do a cartwheel. Also went to go see National Treasure. Decent movie… but made…

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What the world needs now / is another folk singer

So this is my first post in my blog. I guess a little introduction is in order. My name is Dutch Boyd… actually my first name is Russ, but I got the nickname Dutch a few years ago and it stuck. Most people know me as a poker player. I started playing professionally when I…

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