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Tuxedo Alley : Another Minisite

I’ve been working pretty hard the last few weeks converting my domain portfolio into minisites.  I already mentioned a few of them.  Setup another one yesterday,, which is a very basic one with a few facts about dogs where I basically try to sell visitors a long dog leash.  Now I’m working on one…

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2011 WSOP Schedule

I’ve got my WSOP Schedule pretty much finalized and am playing 27 events this year. Plenty of chances for a bracelet. There were a few events that I wanted to play that I couldn’t get the backers to approve… I’ll be missing the 5k and 10k 6-max events as well as the 10k HORSE event.…

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Advice for Six-Handed Holdem

Here is a recent email from one of my readers : Hello, I am playing in my first six handed tournament June 6th WSOP. I play somewhat conservative. The longer the levels the higher I place. Do you have any advice for six handed? I would appreciate it. Sincerely, Don Hi Don, I can give…

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The Death of Online Poker and How to Keep Playing on Tilt

I ended my last post with some prophetic words… “our game seems to be entering into a new era.” I had no idea how true that would turn out to be! By now it’s not breaking news anymore that the Department of Justice shut down the three biggest online poker sites in the US… Pokerstars,…

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DC Poker

There has been a lot of talk about legalizing online poker in the states. I have just found out that it has happened in DC. The District of Columbia has officially passed legislation giving the DC Lottery Board the authority to legally run a real money online poker site. I don’t really know all the…

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The Wikileaks domain and the WPT

I’ve been wondering for weeks now why the US government didn’t shut down Wikileaks using it’s ICANN pull. Since Wikileaks is running it’s website on the .org extension, that means Virginia pretty much has control of the domain name and can turn it off anytime. So it didn’t surprise me much when I checked the…

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The Micros (a poker cartoon)

Was browsing through my facebook buddies and just came across this awesome new animated comedy series called The Micros that poker player Jay Rosenkrantz came up with. It’s hilarious. So give it a view and pass it on to your poker buddies.


Here’s a good movie I just got finished with about the state of intellectual property in America. It’s pretty upsetting how far intellectual property rights have been extended. Watching Lars Ulrich from Metallica talking about his lawsuit against Napster kind of turns my stomach… “Nothing Else Matters” was the first song I learned all the…

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Here’s a song that caught me enough when I saw it on an XBOX Kinetic commercial that I tracked it down and have been kind of vibing it since.

Bobby and Me

Easily one of my favorite pictures… this is a photo of my little brother and I on a fishing trip… guessing we’re about 3 and 4 here. Always cheers me up when I see it, so I figured I’d put it in the cloud.

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