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Poker Clinic

Spent a few all-nighters this week taking my new poker clinic website live. I’m offering $20 poker lessons which are a half-hour and done 1-on-1 via skype video chat. Check out the site at!

Hacking WordPress Themes

If you’re not technically inclined, go ahead and skip this one… because it gets a little heavy.  I don’t pretend to be a computer guru.  But I know enough about php, html, and wordpress to be just competent enough to know when something is a little off.  So when I noticed that the new theme…

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Back to the Local Vegas Grind

The World Series of Poker didn’t end up going so well for me, bud. I cashed in two events out of the more than twenty that I played. Both of them were min-cashes. So I was buried for the series. It’s really frustrating when summer at the Rio doesn’t go well. As a poker player,…

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Out of the main and back to real life…

Read about my new efforts at making a break-even website out of! currently at auction.

I’ve gotten a lot of offers for this domain name since hand registering it back in 2004. It seems a lot of people are interested in poker as it related to artificial intelligence. Or maybe the “AI” stands for something else or has some relevance in another language. Whatever it may be, has gotten…

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Vegas Answers is a site where you can ask local Vegas questions and get local Vegas answers.

Reviews of Question and Answer Scripts (aka Yahoo Answer Clones)

I just spent the last several days going through all the different “Yahoo Answers clone” scripts that I could find for a project that Michele and I had been tossing around… basically the idea was to setup a Vegas-based questions and answer site at Vegas Answers. I looked at a lot of different options and…

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Poker Smiley WordPress Plugin

I found a pretty useful (and free) plugin for WordPress sites called wrp-cards that I’m trying to get to work.  Just installed it… it basically lets you automatically make visual representations of the cards by putting a little : in front of them to trick WordPress into thinking that it’s a type of smile.  Check…

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The Education of a Poker Player

My goals for the new site.

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