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So after a brief retreat back home in Columbia, a little Chucky-E-Cheese with Austin and some bar poker at Thirsty Turtle, it’s back on the road.

First I’m going down to Miami this weekend to chill with That’s a cool domain name with a lot of history. Back when I was working on the other end of the box, I used to go to these gaming conferences. was controlled this african cat named Michael Jackson. Had a couple of good stories with him. One time we all forged VIP passes to get into the IGM party (which is before the party). It was in Toronto and they had a tiger at their party. Michael gave me some good advice… the best business deals are easy and the best businessmen are the middlemen who bring a good deal together. I guess he’s out of the picture now because the current owners of the domain are domainname guys from Australia. I guess they figured poker was the hottest thing they were working with in their domain business and they decided it would be a good move to try and acquire Good move. Smart guys. I want to meet these guys. 🙂

After a couple days in Miami (hopefully will also get a chance to hitup some other nightclubs down there with Ali and my vegas nightlife master player Brian from Tao… maybe even play some poker), it’s off to Houston to chill with Ali’s crowd and also see an old buddy of mine named Caldwell. Caldwell and I were at the same table the very first day of the WSOP back in 2003. He drew the seat with Sklanksy and Cloutier on his immediate left. There were worse spots, I guess. We’ve been friends ever since. One time he got me in a game down in H-Town with Roger Clemens son. The kid brought two autographed baseballs for me. Still one of the coolest “nice-to-meet-you” presents I’ve ever gotten in my entire life. I heard that the kid had his hummer stolen a few months later. I hope he got it back.

So after Houston, it’s off to Antigua. I finally got the kick in the pants I needed to go fullsteam with when I saw the last issue of CardPlayer and the pioneer behind “Rake-free poker”. I gotta say… I should have trademarked the term back when I coined it in 2003. Whatever. It’s a huge step forward in poker and it’s the first time we’ve seen a legit cardroom eliminating the rake. They still are screwing it up, though, because they are treating the room like a loss-leader instead of the huge cash cow it’s got potential to be. So hopefully within a week I’ll be on a beach. Last time I was in Antigua they locked me up in a concrete cell for going crazy. I hope they’ll let me back in. I have this dream of building a little cardroom on the beach in Jolly Harbor… with an adjoining recording studio, rehab, and mental hospital. We’d make it all posh and comp suites to all the poker stars and rock stars and movie stars (in that order). We’d charge everyone else way too much. But if you’re going to be in restraints, at least they could be made of velvet… right?

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