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This last week I final tabled the Epic Poker League’s second main event. For the first time since I can remember, I played in jeans and real shoes instead of my sweats and flip-flops to comply with the Epic dress code. It was four days of extremely intense poker against the toughest field I’ve ever played. There are no weak spots in the Epic Poker League. I knocked out a single player, Tom Dwan, on my way to the final table and my 8th place finish.

I made a hero call against Alec Torelli.

[blockquote]@AlecTorelli : Dutch Boyd just made one of the sickest call downs ever v. me. AA754 3 hearts board he calls with KJ a n wins. Wp sir. 200k. Steamed[/blockquote]

I got Allen Bari to bluff off most of his stack to me when we were on the bubble.

[blockquote]@Allenbari : Contemplating jumping off the top of the palms so everyone who is about to say that they’re happy I bubbled has to live with my death.[/blockquote]

And then I made the final table and went with the wrong hand against Erik Seidel. Pocket Jacks on a 433 board to run smack into Seidel’s aces. Finished 8th. Good game. I’ve been going on some of the radio shows this week to talk about my thoughts on the Epic Poker League and the tournament. Went on QuadJacks.com on Monday and appeared on Donkdown.com tonight (Wednesday). Planning on chilling with the boys at ShortStackedRadio.com on Friday. The whole thing is going to be aired on CBS… I’m not sure the exact air dates. I think the first episode is going to be on September 30, but I think that will be the first event that my buddy Chino took down. I’m proud to have made it to the final table. It’s always bittersweet cashing in a tournament. Going out 8th place left a lot of money on the table, but I took home a $37k profit which is a pretty nice score and puts me in the running to make the EPL’s $1mil freeroll championship next year. I’m a big fan of what the league represents and hope it succeeds. A lot of players have been hating on Epic and I feel like it’s such a lame thing to sabotage the efforts of Annie Duke, Jeff Pollack and the rest of the Epic Poker team. They are obviously working very hard to change poker into something that it currently is not: a +EV game.

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