ESPN, baby!

Pretty sure that Bobby is going to be on ESPN again tonight for the ro-sham-bo tourney during the Nuts section of the WSOP broadcast. Last week he was great on camera… I absolutely loved watching it. Check it out tonight if you get the chance.

Been playing a little more on the Fishtank. This weekend I blew a couple hundred in the speed tournaments that they have. Usually they run with some sort of guarantee ($2500 or so), a $29 buyin with rebuys, and 3 minute blind levels. That’s right. Three minutes. So the game plays pretty crazy, and it’s kind of nice because you fit all stages of a tournament into a forty five minute blitz. Most tournaments come down to two or three key hands, anyway.

After being down a few hundred, though, I stopped loving the speed tournaments so much and started playing the NL games. Made my money back and then a little bit more… so now life is good again. If you feel like playing some NL, hit the tank up. Scott tells me eventually they’ll have some cool promotions and we’re going to try to have some crew invite tournaments, so if you do hit the site make sure to signup through one of my banners so you’re tracked as one of my invites (or use affiliate code “dutch” when you signup).

There’s a lot of things I don’t like about the Fishtank… not too big of a fan of the software for one. The graphics kind of blow and when you’re in a tournament and the addon period rolls around, they only give you a thirty second window to take the addon chips. Pretty frustrating when you rebuy seven times and turn your head at the wrong time. The affiliate program isn’t near as good as anything else out there (Pokerchamps is best imo, followed by Party). The incentives aren’t as nice as other sites… they only give a 25% signup bonus and they don’t really have anything that rewards frequent players. They don’t have anything like a tournament leader board. Their t-shirts are pretty cool.

The only reason I play on there, besides wanting to support Scotty, is because the games are ultra soft. It’s called “The Fishtank” for good reason. If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense that the newer and smaller cardrooms would attract the donkeys.

Enough about online poker… check out The Circle of Outlaws. It’s basically a new group of players handpicked by Marcel Luske to try and do what appears to be a crew-spin. He’s got the heavies from the Miami Players in there (the Mizrachis + Frank), plus Exclusive and a few other guys that I don’t know too well. One glaring absentee is David Williams… I’d think that he’d be right there in the front of the pic.

Ok… that’s about it for now. Make sure to check out my brother tonight on ESPN. Good times.

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