Every Bill a Lottery Ticket

I’m in Columbia Missouri for the Thanksgiving holiday. My family is out here. I’ve got a little brother named Austin who’s 4. I took him to gymnastics today. Nothing funnier than watching a bunch of four year old kids trying to do a cartwheel.

Also went to go see National Treasure. Decent movie… but made a lot better because I was with my mom. We don’t get a lot of movies in together with me being in Fresno.

One really cool thing about the movie’s website is they have a game going where they use the serial number of dollar bills as a lottery ticket. This is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time, ever since my brother Bobby first told me to check out Where’s George. I was interested in serial numbers anyway because of the game Liars Poker.

Did you know that some bills are worth more than others just because of that game? A normal $1 bill with 6 3s in the serial number just sold on eBay last week for $2. And one with the serial number 44441111 sold for $5! I’ve got one in my wallet with the serial # 41141167… I wonder if I could get $4.11 for it.

Rules for Liar’s Poker

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