Get Your Eyes Off My Prize

In San Jose now gearing up for the tournament. I’m approaching this one a little differently. Instead of shooting for first (which is a little greedy), I’m shooting for second. And if I win it, it’ll be a pleasant suprise.

Last night I hung out with Danny and Scotty. I met Danny in LA when I was passing through for the San Diego tournament. We had an awesome time as we watched Danny take 1st and 3rd in two big Party tournaments for a $35k night. Funny thing is he probably wouldn’t have played last night if he didn’t get knocked out of the Shooting Stars on a sick ass beat: pair of aces all-in on the turn against a pair of kings, who proceeds to hit his king on the river.

I know that whatever happens it will be good and I’m going to have an awesome week chilling out here with my bros. The tourney starts in about four hours. Wish me luck!

Posted on March 8, 2005 in Uncategorized

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