Hanzi Smatter ???

Came across a pretty funny site the other day. It’s called HanziSmatter.com and is a blog where readers send in photos of chinese and japanese tattoos and the blogger translates what the tattoo actually means. It’s hilarious. I guess it’s starting to be a problem… all of these western youths trying to be cool by getting chinese and kanji tattos. But they aren’t getting them from chinese or japanese tattoo artists, which ends up being pretty funny. Allegedly, Brittney Spears got a tattoo on the back of her neck that she thought meant “mysterious” but actually means “strange”. The newest post is about a wrestler named Chance Prophet who has some sort of symbol attached to him that is a way of measuring grams. Check it out.

Bill Fillmaff came out with a new video. If you’re on highspeed, it’s worth the download. The best part is the first few seconds, though, when he’s chilling in a kiddie pool and talking about ESPN’s Tilt.

On to some business. One of my poker friends, who most people know online as “sheets”, is starting work on a book. He’s largely responsible for Brett, Scotty, and I all breaking out of our low-limit obscurity last year at the WSOP. He backed us all in a lot of the events, and each one of us ended up doing some pretty cool things for him and ourselves. He’s writing about the whole experience, and I gotta say I think he’s telling the story pretty well. He’s a good writer. I’m going to post some of the excerpts from the first few parts of the story. Keep in mind it’s a work in progress. But if anyone out there is a publisher or has a good line on a publisher, shoot me a line. This is a story that should be told.

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