How to Play Darts

I’ve been obsessed with darts lately. Just upgraded my crappy Halex dartboard for the Winmau Blade 3, got the wall protector, and I’ve been throwing darts like mad over the last few weeks. I don’t know why, but there is something very fulfilling about aiming at a small spot and actually hitting it with your dart. I still haven’t been able to get three triple twenties, but I’m getting close.

I decided to use my new obsession as the subject for a new minisite I setup about how to play darts. The site is entitled, appropriately enough,

Besides the darts site, I also setup a mini-site around one of my parked domain names that had been doing ok for me this year… don’t laugh… it’s a website about teen celebs. The domain I built it around,, actually did about $30 this year just being parked. Enough tweens out there type in into their browser to more than justify the hand-reg. Found a simple wordpress plugin that does autoposting from RSS feeds, and voila : an auto-pilot mini-site.

This is my site. If you want to start a flame war, go to 2+2.

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