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I think a poker tournament is a lot like throwing a bunch of gladiators into a ring and seeing what happens. I’m getting ready for a $330 tournament in Fresno that’s expecting 300 entrants. It’s the minor leagues, and the structure sheet is pretty bad… you start with 10k in chips, but after two hours you’re looking at 300-600 blinds with 100 antes. That’s 1900 a round in a ten-handed game. That’s 190 chips per hand. So at that point if you were able to stay even, you’d have about 50 hands to you. But you’ll only have 15 at this level before the blinds shoot up again. Basically, it’s very fast. There are about two hours when the blinds are small enough to see some action. Then it’s moving at a sick rate… I wouldn’t expect there to be 80 players after 5 hours (that’s what they said they were playing to). It’d be nice if the blinds lasted more like an hour, and they didn’t skip the 25 chip ante levels.

I’m watching Howard Lederer’s seminar DVDs. I’ll let you know what I think.

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