Made it to Day 2

The Fresno tournament ended up getting pretty close to 300 players. We played down to 80 before breaking for the day. Suprise, suprise… it only took four hours. We start again at noon tomorrow. I have over 60k in chips, and average is something like 37k. Hooray for me!

Made a few cool moves, including one that I was really proud of. It’s the fifth level, so the blinds and antes are high enough to matter. I’m in with A7s after trying to make an isolation play. The big blind called and the limper called as well. Grrrr… time to practice those post-flop skills.

The flop comes : 754

Both players check. I figure I have them beat with my top pair, so I bet half the pot. Both call. Hmmmm…

Turn : A

Bingo… just hit my two pair. I bet again when they both check. Big blind calls. Limper finally gives up. So we’re headsup.

River : 8

Damn. He lights up like a christmas tree and says those magic words. “I’m all in!” I can’t believe it. He’s got me covered by a good 15k. What the hell was he playing to have the 8 make his hand? Could he have the 6? Maybe he was playing something like 56s. I start him talking, though, and he seems like he’s just a little *too* excited. He’s all smiles like he’s already won the pot. And there’s a little bit of a tension there. So after about 3 minutes of thinking about it, I decide he doesn’t have the six and I call for all my chips. He turns over K3. I bring in the mail.


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