Magic Online – My New Leak

Michele has been getting back into stamp collecting and so this last weekend I decided I needed a new hobby too… so I signed up for a Magic the Gathering Online account. It’s kind of cool, except it looks like it could be a really big money hole. Hell, it wouldn’t surprise if people go off on this game more than poker! There’s got to be some MTG whales out there just dumping event ticket after event ticket, and cracking booster after booster.

So far, I haven’t really spent anything… just the $9.99 to signup. And for that I got about $4 worth of virtual cards to play around with. I really want play some of these M11 drafts… but so far haven’t really been able to convince Michele that it’s a good idea to dump money on virtual cards.

Anyway, if you are a closet M:TGO player, hit me up on there. I got really creative with my username… it’s DutchBoyd. Maybe you could give me some tips… or free cards :).

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