Near Death Experience

I forgot about something crazy that happened last night. Bobby and I were driving back to Fresno on a state highway. It was only a two-lane highway, but the speed limit was 65. It’s nighttime and we’re coming over this hill when we see two sets of headlights coming our way. One of the cars decided to pass even though it was a solid yellow line. So we swerve a little to the right and he swerves back into his lane between two cars. We came about 4 feet from hitting each other head-on.

It really got me thinking about life and everything after that happened. It was a close one, and I kept thinking… WOW. That might have been it. In some parallel universe somewhere Bobby and I just bit it. No more poker, no more cool songs… no more movies, or sushi, or smoothies, or kissing, or anything. No more life. It made me think even more that it’s so important to stay in the moment and appreciate what we have.

Posted on March 2, 2005 in Uncategorized

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