Out of the main and back to real life…

After a few days of recovering from my Day 2 bustout and generally miserable performance in the WSOP Main Event, I’m back to my normal life… mainly spending my days working on web development projects. I put the finishing touches on one of my new projects, ArcadeNinjas.com. The development path was simple… and it came after I spotted the domain in one of the many domain droplists I pour over every day. The domain had an existing Alexa rank and good search metrics… which basically just means that it already got traffic.

So I snatched the ArcadeNinjas.com domain up for regfee, spent $10 on a web arcade script called Arcade Block, spent $30 on a logo design contest and NamePros, a few hours surfing the Interwebs for free flash games that I would have permission to use on my new arcade site, a few more hours installing (and re-installing the script), a few minutes adding the Google Adsense code and VOILA! A new free flash games website which will hopefully bring enough pennies every week to pay for the yearly renewal fee of $8. For anyone who is too lazy to do the math, a domain needs to make 15 cents on average every week for you to break even.

So… do you want to try out the games and be an Arcade Ninja? You know you want to… check it out!

Arcade Ninjas

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