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I'm a gambler. After getting a JD at 18, I moved to Vegas and chased the goal of winning a WSOP bracelet. Twenty years later, I have three of them. I'm still here. Living the dream. Trying to make the right moves.

The Jungle Rule

Here’s a little thought that I picked up from Amir Vahedi a few months ago over some BBQ ribs. Amir, by the way, is ultra-cool and one fierce…

The Perfect Path

Flew back from Missouri to Fresno today. Came up with a few thoughts on the way back. First one was when I was thinking about the perfect path….

Word of the Day

Rakehell : \Rake”hell’\, n. A lewd dissolute fellow; a debauchee; a rake. “It seldom doth happen in any way of life, that a sluggard and a rakehell do…

Getting Better at Poker

I’m guessing that most people who are going to be reading this blog are probably more interested in what I think about poker then what I think about…

It’s coming right for us!

Looks like deer hunting has gone virtual. Check out this article from CNN. I told Bobby about it and he said it reminded him of an idea he…

WANTED : Poker Stuff

One of the next sites that we’re working on at Intervault is called Poker Marketplace. It’s up to me to find the perfect poker-related stuff to sell. Besides…

Cold Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving So I’m on Day 8 of no smoking. I’m going cold turkey sans nicotine… no patches, no gum, no nothing. Instead I developed my own “proven”…

Every Bill a Lottery Ticket

I’m in Columbia Missouri for the Thanksgiving holiday. My family is out here. I’ve got a little brother named Austin who’s 4. I took him to gymnastics today….

What the world needs now / is another folk singer

So this is my first post in my blog. I guess a little introduction is in order. My name is Dutch Boyd… actually my first name is Russ,…

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