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I’m proud to announce the launch of my new poker clinic at! I’ve had the idea for awhile to try and do some sort of online poker lesson website. The world is certainly saturated with sites where online prodigies replay hand histories of big tournaments they’ve won. I picked up the domain name a few years ago and have been sitting on it for awhile trying to decide what would best fit on there. I think I’ve taken it into a somewhat fresh direction. Instead of just doing hand replays or videos that people would pay (hopefully) a recurring monthly subscription, I decided to do something a little different. At Poker Clinic, I’m offering visitors the chance to get personal lessons from me over video skype calls. So right now, these are 1-on-1 private poker lessons where we talk face to face and I try to help you improve your poker game. I’m keeping them very affordable for the beta-launch… only $20 for a half-hour poker lesson. I’m not sure if I’ll be keeping the price that low for long. In the past, I’ve been able to snag as much as $500/hr to sit down face to face for a poker lesson. I honestly think $20 is a real bargain for what I’m doing… when I was writing the copy for the website, I kind of wanted to sign up for one myself. The site took a few all-nighters before I was ready to take it live, but it’s up and running now. If you’re interested in taking a poker lesson from me, definitely check it out. Hell, even if you’re not interested, check it out anyway. There’s already some free content up there and I’ve been recording my end of the poker lessons I’ve given so far and hope to edit up some great new original poker content for the free sections of the site. I’m also planning on giving some poker classes on some specific topics in the future… these would be quite a bit more structured and more presentation-style lectures. Been working on trying to adapt’s open-source LMS for the classes. For now, I’m keeping it pretty simple though. So check out my poker clinic website when you get a chance!

Dutch Boyd's Poker Clinic
Check out my poker clinic and get personal, 1-on-1 poker lessons… for less than a cost of a pizza!

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