Poker Tilt

I’ve been busy the last six months writing up a new poker book called Poker Tilt which I’m planning on releasing this summer. It might even be done before the first event of the WSOP. Making good progress with my coauthor, Laurence Samuels. A few weeks ago, we decided to reach out to Kickstarter to try and drum up some interest and help us with publishing costs. The campaign funded in the first two days, and ended up raising close to $9k. I’ll try and blog more, and do a post with the story behind the book, once I get it finished. For now, I’m spending every day writing. We’re approaching 300 pages, and the book is going to be full of stories from Pokerspot, mental hospitals, forming the crew, hanging with Antonio Esfandiari and Phil Laak, propping at Garden City, winning the bracelets, and tons of other great poker and life adventures. We’re also pretty much finished with the poker strategy section, which is over one hundred pages covering material like poker tells and Bayesian reasoning at the poker tables. Really trying hard to make one of the best poker books ever.