“It’s two parts mental… one part… throw.”

I got back to Vegas tonight after staying in Columbia, MO for the last week. When I got back home my TiVo was saving last night’s ESPN broadcasts. The first was Scotty’s episode, which I thought was great. There were three hands where he just shined. Once when he stole a pot from Devilfish, who had raised with 95o. Scott reraised with the same hand and the Devilfish folded. Then he took down a pretty big pot against Liz Liu with nothing and got her to fold second pair, lousy kicker after firing into the pot three streets in a row. And finally, he correctly folded pocket sixes preflop when pocket eights raised before him. A lot of players with the chips that Scott had would consider making a play there… or call, putting their opponent on AK (they always think it’s AK…). Scott looked like he didn’t think twice about folding.

The second episode tonight was my favorite, though, because I got to see Bobby talk about the Ro-Sham-Bo tournament. Some of his soundbites were awesome. They’re spreading it out into a couple more episodes I think, so we should see some drama as Bobby goes against Raif in the semi-finals.

“You really have to get inside your opponents head and think about what he’s going to think you’re going to think he’s going to think you’re going to throw… and then go one step beyond that.” – Rob Boyd

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