Star Wars

Went to go see the new Star Wars tonight with Joey Bartholdi and a few other friends, Brandon and Dan. It was good… definitely worth a watch. I’m not a HUGE Star Wars fan… I wouldn’t wait in line or anything for tickets. But I do remember seeing the original ones when I was a little younger… and when Episode I came out my brother and I saw it on opening night in San Jose, complete with a bunch of fans in costume doing the light saber battles…

Hopefully going to be playing some satellites soon for some WSOP seats… the first event is quickly approaching and I really want to make a dent this year. Last year I cashed in about 20% of the events I played… got really close to some final tables (three top 18 spots) before finally making the Razz final.

Check out this picture that Gianna took… it’s so ultra cool. She has such an eye for making ordinary things intense.

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