Synthetic Telepathy

I just stumbled onto something that completely blew my mind… synthetic telepathy. The basic concept revolves around the idea that every thought in your brain is sparking electrical signals. These electrical signals are called electroencephalographic signals, or EEG signals for short.

Back in the 60s, a researcher strapped an EEG reader to his head and was able to produce morse code symbols by thought alone. Amazing, right? Fast forward forty years and now they have advanced the technology far enough where they can produce an EEG headset that allows people to control video games. It’s like science fiction but it’s real.

The most recent developments in the synthetic telepathy field have been funded by the US military… air force and army grants. The potential is kind of scary, actually, because if the technology is developed far enough, “they” will eventually be able to scan your brain and know exactly what you are thinking. People will be able to slip on a little EEG beanie, sit back, close their eyes, and start calling friends and family. The soldiers in the military will be able to slip one on and control robotic soldiers and unmanned aircraft.

It gets even trippier when you imagine a future time when they are able to perform EEG scans from a far distance. And then there is the whole idea that if your thoughts are nothing more than electrical signals, then maybe the technology can be developed to manipulate someone’s EEG signals to actually make them think certain things. Kind of scary stuff.

For now, though, the technology is out there and in a form where you can right now buy these type of headsets. The one that looks like the best in the category is called the EPOC by a company called Emotiv. The headset comes with a program called Emokey which allows you to sync specific brainwave patterns to key maps. So when you play online poker, instead of having to click on fold, you can just think “FOLD” and your computer will do it.

There is also a much cheaper version that you can buy right now on Amazon for only $102. Check it out right here :

I’m pretty tempted to try this out and see how I can use it to “play the pokers”. Been kind of running bad lately, so I’ll probably wait until my next mini-score before I blow the hundo on a first-gen gimmick. It’s not a need for me… I can use my fingers just fine. But hell, for that one dude who always goes deep in the WSOP even though he doesn’t have any hands or legs… seems like this would be a pretty useful thing to have to play online poker.

If you end up getting one before I do, leave a comment and let me know how it worked for you… oh yeah, and buy it by clicking on my Amazon link so I get a couple bucks for letting you know about it. 😉

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