The Wikileaks domain and the WPT

I’ve been wondering for weeks now why the US government didn’t shut down Wikileaks using it’s ICANN pull. Since Wikileaks is running it’s website on the .org extension, that means Virginia pretty much has control of the domain name and can turn it off anytime. So it didn’t surprise me much when I checked the news during a poker study break to see that the domain was turned off at the registrar level. I have very little doubt that it has a lot more to do with US pressure than the DOS attacks that the site has been receiving. The wikileaks site is now running on a .ch domain name, which gives the US a little less control over the site.

I’m gearing up for the WPT at Bellagio tomorrow by watching some previous WPT episodes on PokerTube. You can learn a lot by watching poker on television… but you have to watch it correctly. You can’t just sit back and enjoy it. You have to use that rewind button aggressively and go over the limited number of hands they show with a magnifying glass. There’s a high percentage chance I’ll run into Basebaldy or DW at some point in this tourney, so hopefully the study hours will pay off. 🙂

For all the other players getting ready for the tourney tomorrow, good luck and I hope to see you at the final table. Everyone else can follow the tourney progress at the or websites.

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