Tuxedo Alley : Another Minisite

I’ve been working pretty hard the last few weeks converting my domain portfolio into minisites.  I already mentioned a few of them.  Setup another one yesterday, LongLeash.com, which is a very basic one with a few facts about dogs where I basically try to sell visitors a long dog leash.  Now I’m working on one about tuxedos called Tuxedo Alley.  The goal, again, is just to make a domain make enough to justify renewal fees.  I can’t tell you how often someone mentions some domain name that they’ve been holding onto for several years that just doesn’t seem worth the cost to register in the first place.  If a domain doesn’t make it’s reg fee every year, you might as well just burn the $8 you are paying to renew it.

Anyway, I’ve found flickr.com to be an amazing resource for photos to use in these sites.  An advanced search lets you browse only the photos that are under a creative commons license to use commercially.  It’s really been a cost saver for these projects.

While browsing for tuxedo photos, I came across this picture that was just awesome and figured I’d share it with you.  Hope you get a smile out of it like I did.

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