Vegas or Bust

Prepping one last night for the seven hour drive to Vegas where I’m finding a place and setting up shop for awhile (and btw – if anybody has a line on a two or three bedroom place, shoot me a line). I woke up today and Bobby was playing on Stars… he looked up and said, “hey bro… I’m headsup for a WSOP seat in the $160 double shootout!” He ended up making a deal with the guy where he shot him a couple grand and took the seat down. So he’s got his spot in The Big Dance all locked up. Congrats little brother… hope I’ll see you there.

Came across a pretty funny parody-site poking fun at everyone’s favorite poker brat. The videos are great. Check them out if you have a few minutes.

Bill Fillmaff’s Secret System

Posted on April 16, 2005 in Uncategorized

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