What happens in Bangkok….

I was just cruising around on some poker sites and came across what I thought was a huge level on wsopjournal.com. Apparently, somewhat well-known pro poker player Ron Fanelli, nicknamed “MadYank” in the poker world, is sitting in a Thai prison for brutally murdering a Bangkok hooker. The way the article was written really made me think the whole thing was a level… some sort of sick joke. Because it really sounded way too much like an old Saturday Night Live skit that was making fun of the “What Happens in Vegas” commercials, replacing the tagline with “Only Bangkok”. Does this really happen so much out there that it’s cliche?!?

Sick sad world…

Saturday Night Live is pretty funny, though. When I was looking for these video clips I came across a couple old funny ones that I had forgotten about that had me rolling. This Natalie Portman rap is just too funny.

When Andy Sandberg comes out dressed as a viking… I don’t know why he cracks me up so much but he does. Steals every scene. I’ve been laughing hard at him since Awesometown.

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