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So this is my first post in my blog. I guess a little introduction is in order. My name is Dutch Boyd… actually my first name is Russ, but I got the nickname Dutch a few years ago and it stuck.

Most people know me as a poker player. I started playing professionally when I was 18, and caught my first big break at the 2003 World Series of Poker where I came in 12th, won $80,000, and got more air time on ESPN than I probably deserved. After that, I put together the crew and started on the tournament trail. This year at the 2004 WSOP, the crew took home three bracelets, but I didn’t take home any personally… just a second in a Razz tournament. It made ESPN, though, which might be more valuable thangold.

Before I was a poker player, I was a child prodigy. I started college when I was 12 and finished up with my law degree at 18. I had a pretty bright future as a lawyer, but I gave it all up to play cards.

Now I live in Fresno, California where I’m working on a new business called Intervault and a concept called RakeFree. It’s a website development business focusing on poker sites. Check out InterVault.net for more info.

I’m going to be trying to post on here pretty regularly. I’ll be talking about poker, business, friends, entertainment, women, family, politics… basically anything that I feel like sharing with the world.

This is my site. If you want to start a flame war, go to 2+2.

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