What Would Jimmy Do?

It’s funny how every time you think life can’t get any worse, it does. Tuesday was a rough day. I had driven up to San Jose to play the $10k Shooting Stars tournament. I chilled with Scotty and Danny. Got breakfast with my buddy Red. Then played my heart out for a whole hour and a half. before Toto Leonidas knocked me out.

Getting knocked out of a tournament is always hard, but this one’s especially hard because I really believed in my heart that I was going to take it down. I even told Daniel Negreanu that I was going to win. So you can imagine my embarassment when I didn’t.

Gianna said it best when she got knocked out of the Copenhagen tourney. “It feels like it didn’t even happen.. it feels like this isn’t real and I’m down there with my chips still playing in the tourney.”

So then the next day I go over to Gianna’s to take a bath. She and my brother Bobby (who is still living over there) had gotten two kittens a few weeks ago. G’s was called Tiger Lily and Bobby’s was a black cat called Hex. Anyway, on to the story…

I’m drawing the bath and then remember that I need to go get my clothes. I head out to my car, get the clothes, and come back into the house. When I get into the bathroom, though, I see that Tiger Lily had jumped into the bathtub and drowned. She was submerged in the steaming hot water and not moving at all.

I was in shock for a split second, but then I snatched her out of the bathtub right quick, brought her onto the carpet, and started doing mouth to mouth on her. She was really hot from the bath water, so I picked her back up and ran some cold water over her from the sink, then back to mouth to mouth. Bobby came out and saw it, and immediately snatches up hex and locked him in his room. I’m trying really hard to save this kitten… turn it upside down so that the water can escape it’s lungs. Keep giving it mouth to mouth and then five hard presses on her little kitty chest. That’s when Gianna wakes up and sees what I was doing. She just stares at me and says in horror, “what the *blank* happened?!?”

I didn’t know what to say. I was really scared she’d think I did it on purpose, or blame me for the accident. And I was feeling really bad about the kitten. I got a little choked up, shook my head, and said “I swear to God, baby, I didn’t do it!” Then back to the mouth to mouth.

Gianna started crying frantically and I told her to call a vet. She did, tried to talk to them, but couldn’t really get any words out between crying hiccups. So I took the phone and they said there wasn’t anything I could do at home and that I could take her to the emergency room. I was thinking of yelling something to the lady, like “LOOK, LADY!!! THIS KITTEN IS NOT GOING TO MAKE IT TO AN EMERGENCY ROOM! ARE YOU STUPID OR SOMETHING?!?” Instead I just kept trying until it was over.

I think anytime something like this happens, it’s a weird process that goes on. First you blame everyone else, then you blame yourself, and then you start blaming God and that’s a bad path. The craziest thing is that I got that little kitten to start breathing again and it had a pulse again. But it’s blood temperature was so high, I really don’t think there was anything anyone could have done to save her once she jumped in.

We had a funeral for the kitten. I wrapped her in the shirt I was wearing, which happened to be the same shirt I wore at the tournament. It’s “My Lucky Shirt”… at least that’s what it says on the front. But it’s really not to lucky at all, I guess. So I thought it appropriate to wrap her in the lucky shirt, put her in a shoe box, and bury her in the back yard. Gianna put in a little car that she liked to play with, Bobby put in a memore chip, and I put in a little money so that Tiger Lily could pay the Ferry-man.

Anyway, I hope that’s not too disturbing of a story. It was very disturbing to live. Rest in peace Tiger Lily… may we play some day with that great big ball of yarn in the sky.

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